ARG: AI Unravelled

Unravelling Artificial Intelligence


From predicting our Spotify playlists to changing how our jobs function, Artificial Intelligence is weaving into every aspect of our lives.

But what does AI mean for you? The event AI Unravelled: A Practical Look at Artificial Intelligence sought to answer that question.  Presented by Craig Neilson, Jarred Taylor and Maggie Buxton on behalf of the Creative Technology Northland organisation, this free event (ONEONESIX, Whangārei, 19 September 2023) shed light on the innovations and emerging challenges AI presents. AwhiWorld produced the event as a public outreach of the Awhi Incubator project. 

The video below is a recording of the public event, and a further pre-recorded version is available here.


About Craig Neilson

Craig works confidently with high-and-low tech tools to creatively produce anything from kinetic sculptures to custom electronics, digital content, crowd-pleasing remixes and very elaborate pranks. He is a ‘turbo nerd who can talk to computers’ but has a formal education in creativity and humanities (BA Soc.Sci, M.CW). He is enthusiastic to support and promote the various endeavours of the Whangārei local creative scene.

The following is a full transcript of the presentation:

AI Unravelled Presentation Transcript


The following is a free resource of AI tools that will be regularly updated:

Free AI tools and resources

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