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Welcome to AwhiWorld

Our transdisciplinary projects bring together artists, scientists, makers, hackers, and more to tackle complex issues and generate alternative realities.

At AwhiWorld (pronounced aafi-world) our passion is uplifting the spirit of individuals, communities, and the planet. We achieve this by integrating cutting-edge creative, technological, science, and humanities practices and taking a multidimensional approach to our work.

We create thought-provoking experiences, publications, events, and innovation labs while offering training and consulting services.

Based in Northland, New Zealand, through networks and partnerships, we are supporting the transdisciplinary movement worldwide.


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Our approach integrates insights and methodologies from multiple fields, practices, beliefs and paradigms.

For us, transdisciplinary practice is a way of being and seeing the world, as well as a way to generate knowledge and work on projects. It includes syncretic spiritual practices and engagement across a wide range of disciplines and paradigms.

We believe radical empathy, joined-up thinking, and critical reflection are important to creating comprehensive and interconnected solutions addressing complex challenges like climate change, fundamentalist thinking, and the societal changes occurring due to AI.


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Our initiatives extend beyond conventional boundaries, weaving together spiritual, digital, social, economic and artistic elements to foster innovative solutions to environmental issues.

We have a solid connection to the earth and have a multidimensional and interconnective view of reality.

AwhiWorld belong to the Climate Action Taitokerau Network (Northland, New Zealand)

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We recognise that transformation can only come if we shift our perspectives on issues, move out of traditional silos and critically engage with change rather than passively accept or ignore it.

Our projects are designed to disrupt mindsets and inject innovation into systems to build resilience and regenerate the spirit of people and their places.


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Our goal is to strengthen our ability to deal with complexity and rapid change by blending new and old approaches and working across boundaries with a wide range of groups and organisations. We view resilience as growing and strengthening not just bouncing back to an original state.


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Moving people, places and the planet from degeneration to regeneration is critical to our work. Our projects are generative and sustainable – they build capacity and inject new life into systems. The aim is to leave a lasting positive impact.


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AwhiWorld collaborates with innovative organisations at the forefront of transdisciplinary work and emerging technologies.

Our practice extends out of New Zealand, across borders, weaving together international residencies and projects that involve diverse artists and networks spanning Europe, South America, and Oceania.

Our team are members of  The International Centre for Transdisciplinary Research (CIRET), collective members of the SEADS Network and institutional members of The Global Alliance for Inter and Transdisciplinary (ITD-Alliance) .

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