Alternative Reality Gardening Publication



AwhiWorld’s first publication is a miscellany, a diverse collection of writing and images blurring boundaries of mindset, discipline and practice. 

What was submitted exceeded expectations regarding the diversity of approaches and the courage to share secret passions and practices, deeply held dreams and darker reflections.




As you wander through this work you will see poetry, recipes, musings and reflections, documentation of research and practice, sketches and prototypes, prints, glitches and hacks. You will read thoughts using the metaphor of dance and dance choreography in the shape of lilies.

You’ll meet scientists who forage for sea glass and artists who generate flowers from algorithms. Reflections on the past sit next to fibrous new futures; new species next to familiar favourites encountered in new ways.




The international publication was conceived and curated by Dr Maggie Buxton and designed/typeset by graphic designer Jessica Keesing. Piet Nieuwland, Kim Newall, Zana Bell and Olivia Garelja provided editorial support and review.

Awhi Incubator participants are at the core of the work, alongside international partners in the Awhi Incubator project (SEADS and TreeCreate). In addition, miscellaneous friends of AwhiWorld who have actively participated in other projects are featured.

Important Note:

Currently, the book is viewable online (and not downloadable). In the future, depending on interest, it may be available in a physical copy. Please register your interest in the form below.

We recommend viewing in Even Spread mode and on a Chrome or Firefox Browser. Do not use Microsoft Edge (if you receive odd error messages, it is because you are using Edge).

We’d love to hear your feedback so send us a message when you have taken a look!

If interest is high, we will print a physical copy of the publication, so please register if you are interested in this as an option.

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