Printapalooza 6 – A Tiny Collaboration

Miniature Creative Innovation

Printapalooza, an eagerly awaited large-scale printing event, marked its sixth milestone at the Hihiaua Cultural Centre.

With a fusion of print methods and approaches, this event saw Te Kowhai Print Trust (TKPT) Whangarei, Hamish Oakley-Browne, and AwhiWorld come together, blending the age-old craft of printmaking with the latest digital technology, setting the stage where the print craft intertwines with innovation.


Te Kowhai Print Trust: Pioneering Legacy & Community Spirit

Nestled in Whangarei’s vibrant artscape is the Te Kowhai Print Trust.

Born from the shared vision of Ron de Rooy and Pippa Sanders in 1982, TKPT developed into a community hub for all things print, offering a rich array of printmaking techniques.

Their legacy lies not just in their honouring of print history but in their commitment to fostering community connections, kindling artistic passion across all age groups and innovation.

Grand Canvases and Teeny Tiny Prints

The might of road roller-crafted prints juxtaposed against the curiosity of tiny print creations showcasing the boundless scope of printmaking at Printapalooza.

AwhiWorld’s teeny tiny print competition was more than just a contest. With a 3D-printed printer (printed by AwhiWorld using an open-source design by Open Press Project ) as the prize and 3D printers in action on the day, it was a conversation starter about the future of printmaking.

This competition served as a testament to the incredible potential of integrating technology with art, championing the spirit of creative resilience in a rapidly evolving world.


The Teeny Tiny Printer

The tiny printer design is by Open Press Project. They aim to make printing more accessible and have provided the tiny printer design as an open-source file. They are an innovative company with several exciting initiatives on the go.

This was a perfect way to introduce printers to the power of 3D printing and digital innovation in general.

 About Hamish Oakley-Browne

An artist and Director of Te Kowhai Print Trust, a community-owned open-access print studio in Northland. His art practice is centred on the tradition of fine arts printmaking. Having had successful solo shows and group exhibitions, he was recently a selected finalist in the Waikato Print and Paint Awards, a National printmaking competition. Hamish is a participant in the Awhi Incubator Project. – we have partnered with him on this event in that context.

In his recent talk, Hamish examines printmaking through the lens of dreams, alternate realities, charlatans and his recent research and work featuring New Zealand writer and critic Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923).

Instagram @tekowhaiprint @hamishob


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