Arduino Workshops Begin

The Awhi Incubator project supports not just those in our programme but also their communities and networks.

With this in mind, Kim delivered an Intro to Arduino Workshop in Dargaville on the 4th November to a group of makers and gamers. It was designed to support two of our incubator participants: John Pickworth who is bringing a maker space alive in the area and Tristan Sample, creative in residence at that site and one of a number of gamers, table top players and makers working in and around the area.


Hands-on Practice

The workshop covered the basics of Arduino, including coding and working with LEDs and sensors.

Those attending are all intending to actively use electronics in their practices, whether that be making creative objects or world-building.


“I would like to make a heartfelt thank you to AwhiWorld for providing us with the opportunity to learn some really valuable skills that will take our club to new and interesting heights.” Kurt R.

Up Next

More workshops are planned for 2024 and 2025 some online through our online Learning Lab and some in person in Northland and Auckland.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more as the programme unfolds.

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