Future Fibres – E-Textile Workshop Rawene

Awhi Incubator Rural Capacity Building: E-Textiles

AwhiWorld’s latest event involved playing with light, responsive inks and light-activated threads in an e-textile discovery workshop in Rawene.

The workshop was a community partner Awhi Incubator project funded by Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

We explored thermo, hydro and photochromic pigments and threads, Arduino sensors, fibre optics and other future fibres in our workshop by Professor Frances Joseph (assisted by Kim and Maggie from AwhiWorld).

Hosted by Ako Hokianga-Hokianga Community Trust, the workshop was explorative and designed to prototype future workshops AwhiWorld intend to run in Northland. It was also a primer to support Te Tokeraua Toi Maori artists to build works for the forthcoming BIOS Lab in May/June 2023.

It was interesting to explore the potential relationships between traditional and future fibres and textiles and to exchange knowledge from across disciplines.

“A feast of creativity”

“ Awhi world allows the artist to be at the centre, to recognise the unlimited potential in their own creating”.

More workshops are planned in this skill area. Subscribe for more info.

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