Dr Maggie Buxton

Dr Maggie Buxton is a renowned expert in developing individuals and communities through innovative, creative practices and cutting-edge technologies. With an extensive track record of success, her practice is designed to expand the realm of possibilities and build systemic connections that promote resilience.

AwhiWorld was created in 2014 to continue her transdisciplinary PhD research.

Dr Buxton’s practice revolves around the core themes of portals, parallel universes, and alternate realities. She strongly advocates for cross-boundary approaches and teaches in degree programs while regularly speaking on this topic at events and conferences.

Please visit her website for more detailed information about Dr Maggie Buxton’s work.



Kim Newall


Kim Newall is a creative practitioner with a multidisciplinary approach at AwhiWorld. He has almost 40 years of experience and specializes in using innovative technology in grassroots settings.


Kim’s work includes real-time performances, interactive installations, and expertise in creative coding, hacking, augmented reality, Arduino, projection mapping, IoT, 3D animation, and more.


He is also a professional VJ at festivals across Aotearoa. Holding a Master of Creative Technologies, Kim teaches creative technology and digital art, and currently serves as the Lead Creative Technologist at AwhiWorld.

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