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Generating immersive experiences and innovative solutions that spark creativity, build resilience, and uplift the spirit of people and places, fostering global collaboration and positive change.

Creative Innovation In Practice

AwhiWorld opens portals into parallel realities that ignite the imagination, activate innovation, regenerate places and spaces and build resilience.

Our collaborative projects and transdisciplinary outputs—from bespoke consulting services to groundbreaking publications and installations—are designed to challenge perceptions and inspire a global audience.

Embracing diverse skills and perspectives, we are forging a future where multiple intelligences, activities and energies interlace to redefine and enrich our world

More About Awhiworld

Working with us

Workshops: Bespoke & Public

Our comprehensive training services foster innovation and resilience in the face of rapid change.


Individual Development

We are dedicated to unlocking potential through coaching and mentoring programs.


Experiences, Events & Consulting

We are passionate about crafting experiences that help individuals, organisations and networks learn, connect and grow.

Our Services

From Augmented Reality city-wide installations to pop-up creative innovation labs we have a wide range of projects that interweave creativity, science, technology and the humanities (psychology, sociology, history, anthropology). Many of these projects are the first of their kind or use leading-edge technology (e.g. AI and IoT) and ideas. For more learn with or collaborate with us contact us today.

Alternative Reality Gardening Lab 24


Flaxroots AI – Leveraging the Power of ChatGPT

Tasman Threads

The knowledge hub holds a wide range of interviews, documentation, workshops and updates from our projects.

BioSignals: Interview with Kelly Kahukiwa

Hardware Experiments

BioPlastic Experiments

ARG: Marchelle Farrell

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