Sound Walk 1

Today we recorded sounds for our project. For many weeks now Maggie has been walking 8 to 10ks each day as a Lockdown/Post Lockdown coping mechanism. We recorded sounds along the journey and are processing them along with the contact photography images we have been experimenting with over the last few weeks.

Kim is almost there with the infrastructure for the work..more to come on that…but it will involve a combination of sound, images (most likely of the ephemeral prints or traces we have been working with offline), raw ‘live’ COVID data, and algorhithms to process that data and use it to influence the sound and visuals. The emerging concept involves the relationship between isolation and connection….the intimacy of walking the same route daily…..the intrusion and disturbance of data on that route as it prods at consciousness… particularly data that seems peripheral but is connected…deaths from other nations for example. We are isolated in NZ but also connected we feel the traces of other peoples lives..we attempt to track our movements both medically but also track our progress as we try to manage the economic and psychological affects on our society.

The disease is a trickster disease….we will be playing with tricky algorithms that are unpredictable and cause objects (including people and society to change) as a form of artus work. Sound files to come…