PlantLab 22 Te Tai Tokerau | Northland: Cross-disciplinary Research and Innovation Project

Innovation Lab and Research Programme 2022

PlantLab 22 | Northland is a cross-disciplinary creative research and innovation project. PlantLab public events are online and in-person, including a public-facing event in September 2022.

The project explores and celebrates plants as they exist in the boundary between art, culture, discipline, technology and materiality.

By the end of the research programme a series of artworks, publications, prototypes and projects will be generated, all dedicated to the exploration and exaltation of all that is botanical.

A cross-section of individuals are involved in creating the works and have formed a research hub dedicated to networking, knowledge sharing, educating and inspiring the public. Topics include new ecologies; coevolution; plant poetry; human-plant communication; regenerative practices; the impacts of colonisation, and relatedly, climate change.  For more about the research group take a look here.

PlantLab is an experimental interarts exhibition and showcase which includes talks and demos supporting the general public, as well as PlantLab participants (artists, scholars, technologists, engineers, hobbyists, scientists), to learn new skills and be exposed to different genres and practices. Plant Lab supports a range of emerging creative practices (e.g. augmented reality, bioacoustics, 3D printing, 3D projection mapping, creative coding and interactive sensor-based work).

Plantlab’s public face begins with an online mini-symposia on the 18th of May, during Tech Week and culminates in a public pop-up event in late September in the Whangarei CBD.

Updates will be provided via social media and our Lab as the project progresses.

Conceived, curated and produced by Dr Maggie Buxton (Director of AwhiWorld), PlantLab is kindly funded by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

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