Place Stories Concrete Poetry: Large Scale Public Installation

Town-wide Multi-Installation Project


Place Stories (Concrete_Poetry) was a collaboration initiated and conceived by AwhiWorld. It was a partnership between AUT South’s Art and Design (Graphic Design) department  (January and June 2015) facilitating students to use the township of Papakura as a source of inspiration for their work. They each picked a specific site (after a photo documentation visit) and carried out research and creative practice on this location.

The project was assisted by Dr Michelle Smith of Papakura Museum and David Sinfield Course Lecturer.

The students generated posters, publications and 3D objects that used typography as a core part of the visual language i.e. concrete poetry – poetry where there is a symbiotic relationship between word and image to convey the poem, story or lyric.

Students exhibited their work on the 22 June at AUT’s South Campus, and a selection of the works were placed around Papakura in empty shops to create a circle of exchange from place to student, student to place.

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