Maui Stories (Hihiaua Cultural Centre)

Augmented Reality Installation Sharing Cultural Stories

An Augmented Reality experience created in partnership with bigfish.

“Who is Maui?” This question is explored in a reality bending, state of the art experience
coming to life at the Hihiaua Cultural Centre.

Designed to engage all ages and cultures, ‘Maui Stories’ tells a selection of stories of Maui
and his connection to Ngati Wai using augmented reality alongside a traditional art exhibition
and wananga

AwhiWorld collaborated with three local organisations –bigfish (who were our creative partners) and Te Au Mārie Trust, and the Hihiaua Cultural Centre Trust who were client collaborators.

“Bringing these stories to life, and reaching new audiences using the culturally significant
character of Maui, has been a privilege.” Dr Buxton said. ” Partnering together has really showcased Northland’s capability for delivering storytelling projects of this kind.