Onerahi Taonga: School-based Augmented Reality Experience

Building An Augmented Reality Experience with Children in Onerahi, Northland

AwhiWorld worked with Onerahi Primary School in 2021 to create an augmented reality experience. The project, funded by Creatives in Schools, was designed to support integrated learning and assist students to feel a greater sense of shared ownership and belonging to their place of learning.

The children designed the experience themselves including work on mapping the school grounds, choosing sites for AR points, researching and designing all content, designing markers for the sites (and marker housing), designing, recording and editing sounds and designing visuals.

The AR experience will be officially launched in 2022.

Maggie and Kim meet weekly with the teachers and engage in extra workshops for skill building. We’ll share the results as we go along.

Thanks to Ministry of Education and Creative NZ for selecting AwhiWorld to be part of their Creatives in Schools programme this year.

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