Crafting Creatures

Augmented Reality | 3D Physical + Digital Maker Workshops for Kids


Crafting Creatures was part of a series of AR crafting workshops conducted in partnership with Accelerating Auckland’s “Geek Gamps”.

Students taking part in the 2015 Geek Camps were from under served demographic and physical locations (eg Decile 1 schools). They come together and learn a number of different digital skills including AR. Our workshop fostered imagination, taught design thinking and exposed the students to cutting edge technologies. These interdimensional creatures were crafted from cardboard and augmented reality appendages. Students cut, coloured and created the creatures from cardboard and then added their own AR markers (in some cases with their own self-designed AR appendages created in Blender).

Workshop One

We started the two day workshop with some demonstrations of augmented reality: Love Creatures and Wandering Creatures to 30 Weymouth Intermediate students (age 11 to 13) . Then in the major project part of the workshop, working with a group of 5-7 students we constructed physical creatures using special templated creature parts designed by Kim Newall. They then augmenting them with pre-designed markers. The  step was to customise the augmented items with their own skins.  On the second day same small group or students created their own markers. Students then designed their own creature appendages and/or super powers either with Kim’s help or directly on the software programme Blender. Kim created a new app with all new assets.

Workshop Two

This workshop had 24 students from GoodSeed Trust Afterschool Programme in Mangere. One the first morning we ran through Love Creatures and Wandering Creatures again. Students took selfies with the love creatures and went on a treasure hunt to find all 12 birds in Wandering Creatures. We then loaded up interdimensional sounds to existing markers that we recorded on the spot from the students. The students then DJ’d their sounds with the markers. in the afternoon we worked intensively with a small group of 5 students to build their creatures. On day two the students customised existing libraries of augmented appendages and powers. At the close of the day they recorded individually composed sounds onto markers they had created and a new app was built. The final performance was a creature orchestra.