Code underpins our World and sits at the heart of our existence. Genetic code, digital code, codes of conduct, the code that creates our universe and helps it connect with other worlds.

Language is a code. A set of vocalisations and visual prompts that summarises thoughts, directions, impulses, interchanges. A layer that binds and also interfaces between beings, people, organisations, societies.

Most people do not see code. The patterns that underpin their existence remain hidden for ease of use. It would be overwhelming to live in a fully visible encoded world. Confusing. Strange. Overwhelming. So very quickly after learning to shortcut reality via language we loose the ability to see and interact with our code. We devolve that to experts. Geneticists, Programmers, Anthropologists, Sorcerers.

So how would it be to see the patterns – the codes that create our existence? To see them so clearly that you can manipulate and change them. Hack and reinforce them. Exchange and create them.

The vast majority of people in this strange world are consumers. They feed on content created in codes that they do not know or understand and cannot see. They enact rituals without conscious attention. Reinforce rules in which they played no part in making. Disenfranchised. Addicted. Blind. Enslaved. And ultimately asleep in a cave with not even shadows from a fire to witness existance.

People need to know and understand code. To see how they are encoded biologically. To understand how the media they consume is created. To take an active part in the creation of the codes that define their everyday reality.

Revealing and understanding code is theme we are now working on. Assisting people to read and see the patterns that create their worlds.