Data and Deaths

We have been working hard on our CNZ project and just catching up with publishing our notes. At this point we are looking at data sourcing for our interactive digital works – converting raw data via original algorithms into processes that hack or change images. Much like virus’s hack at cells.

Data sources have already been covered in previous blog posts but some recent finds include this one from Statistics NZ which maps COVID-19 stats on everything from Broadband usage to JobSeeker support rates.

We are also looking at global data sources via WHO. As of posting there have been (a grossly under recorded) 12,964,809 cases of COVID-19 on the planet and 570,288 deaths. We might imagine this figure is much higher.

NZ is in its own reality bubble with life for many returning largely to normal. All the while bodies are being buried in mass graves in the developing world. Looking forward to finding ways to interrogate this situation further in our work.