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Welcome to AwhiWorld, where visionary thinking meets collaborative action to address today’s pressing challenges.


Our ethos centres on cross-boundary collaboration as the key to unravelling complex issues. Through our transdisciplinary projects, we transcend conventional boundaries, opening portals into parallel worlds and alternative realities.


Our work supports innovation in practice. Our diverse collaborators and clients include artists, scientists, poets, psychotherapists, space researchers, makers, hackers, and farmers.


At AwhiWorld, we are not just creators; we are builders of resilience, activators of innovation, and regenerators of both people and places. Our unwavering commitment is to positively impact the environment, fostering positive change and sustainable development.


Central to AwhiWorld’s essence (pronounced aafi-world) is an unyielding passion for uplifting the spirits of individuals, communities, and the planet itself. We achieve this by integrating leading-edge practices, ideas, and tools from arts, integrated with technology, science, and the humanities.


Our creations include thought-provoking experiences, publications, events, and innovation labs. Alongside this work, we offer training and consulting services that transform people, their practices and their organisations. This includes mentoring and coaching in harnessing the potential of creative technologies, interarts practice and cross-disciplinary collaboration.


While rooted in the picturesque landscapes of Northland, New Zealand, our work transcends borders, reaching out internationally to create a global network of innovation and positive change.


Drop us a line to embark on a journey of transformative learning and collaborative success.

Portals, parallel universes, and alternative realities are a specialty.

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